Tila Tequila Sex Tape | Tila Tequila Uncorked: The Lesbian Sex Tape

Tila Tequila Sex Tape

tila tequila sex tape

For all those out there who love them some all girl sex tape, then Tila Tequila's latest endeavor is for you! 'Tila Tequila Uncorked' is the name of the sexy 3-way lesbian sex tape staring Tila and two of her delicious friends as they get down and dirty on each other. The screen shots that were leaked prior to the release of the tape were so explicit! Looks like all three girls got a shot holding the camera as they flaunted their stuff, sucked each other's nipples, and took turns going down on one another. Thank god we live in the 21st century, because this sex tape was even shot in HD quality so it makes you feel like you are part of this 3-way orgy. Whether or not the tape is hot is up to the viewer, some people find Tila's bad ass attitude and tattoos very sexy, while others find her absolutely repulsive. The decision is yours, but go out and watch this sex tape before jumping to conclusions! Just like every other celebrity Tila was 'shocked' and 'hurt' over the release of the tape, claiming it was an intimate night between her and two girlfriends that was never meant for the public to see. These celebs are so dumb, because at the end of the day we all know she is the one who had to sign over the rights in order for the tape to be released. Vivid ended up with the tape and made mega bucks off of it, but don't be so sad because Tila definitely got her payday by signing over her rights. Vivid even said they gave her the option to buy back the rights to the tape and stop it from going public, but she claimed she didn't have the money to pay them (yet she's driving around in a baby blue Lambourghini.. hmm..). Tila is a fame whore who got her big break after being noticed on myspace, and we all know she will do anything to get the spotlight shone on her, sex tapes included!

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Tila Tequila Sextape

Tila Tequila is one wild woman, but this time things got a little out of hand, and Tila Nguyen has a private lesbian sex tape out in public!  Tila is furious that people will see her so exposed on camera, but we're not complaining!  The lesbian threesome sextape was acquired by Vivid Entertainment, the big boys that brought you many of your favorite leaked celebrity sextapes.  Tila is said to be pursuing legal action, but Vivid feels it can release the sextape, and plans to do so on February 14th.  The tape is titled Tila Tequila Uncorked.

Several screenshots have been released from the coming video tape, and it looks like Tila at least has good taste in women.  It looks like we're gonna see everything, and we mean everything!

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Tila Tequila Uncorked Sex Tape

tila tequila sex tape

Tila Nguyen or more popularly known as Tila Tequila must have an appetite for women.  The petite Asian beauty can be seen in these screenshots getting down with two other hot women, and we can only imagine what happens on camera!  Tila Tequila's lesbian tongue looks like it can do some damage!  We're looking forward to seeing her being eaten out in this wild romp in the sack... she can't be happy this is out in public!

tila tequila uncorked

Looks like she has some serious 'sucking' skills!

tila tequila lesbian threesome

There are many more hardcore samples inside... this leaked celebrity sex tape is sure to be a huge scandal, don't miss TIla Tequila Uncorked!

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